“Un año de rebelión en Nicaragua”, article from El País

“El 18 de abril de 2018 estallaron las manifestaciones que exigen el fin del Gobierno del presidente Daniel Ortega. EL PAÍS ha dedicado una intensa cobertura a esta crisis, que ha dejado 325 muertos. Esta es una selección de los textos que han hecho parte de este despliegue”

Read the coverage in Spanish:  https://elpais.com/especiales/2019/represion-nicaragua/


“Nicaragua: one year after protests erupt, Ortega clings to power”, article from The Guardian

“Between 325 and 535 people were killed as government forces crushed the protests. 80,000 Nicaraguans fled into exile. Hundreds of doctors were dismissed for disobeying orders to discriminate against protesters, debilitating the country’s health system“, summarizes the article.

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“Crisis in Nicaragua completes one year; see timeline”, article from O Globo.

A year ago, the demonstrations for the resignation of President Daniel Ortega began, which were harshly repressed by the government, putting the country in its greatest crisis in decades“, summarizes the article.

Read the article in Portuguese here: https://g1.globo.com/mundo/noticia/2019/04/18/crise-na-nicaragua-completa-um-ano-veja-linha-do-tempo.ghtml

” Nicaragua, a year of ‘civic insurrection’ and under an alleged state of emergency”, article from eldiario.es

Nicaragua met on Thursday a year of ‘civic insurrection’ against President Daniel Ortega, accused by the opposition and by the IACHR of keeping the country in a ‘state of emergency’ in the context of a crisis that has left hundreds dead, disappeared and prisoners, as well as tens of thousands in exile”, starts the article.

Read the article in Spanish here: https://www.eldiario.es/politica/Nicaragua-insurreccion-civica-alegado-excepcion_0_889961596.html

“Nicaraguan journalist flees to Costa Rica after police raid newsroom”, article from The Guardian

“Nicaragua’s best-known journalist has gone into exile after armed police raided and ransacked his newsroom in what experts called the latest chapter of the country’s slide into autocracy under President Daniel Ortega“, starts the article.

“Carlos Fernando Chamorro, the editor of Confidencial, a combative newsletter and website and a member of one of Nicaragua’s most influential families, announced his decision on Sunday”, adds The Guardian.


“Nicaragua paper runs blank front page in protest of Ortega government”, article from Reuters

“Nicaragua’s oldest and most-widely read newspaper published its Friday edition with a blank front page in protest against what it says is the government’s withholding of ink, paper and other materials needed for its printing press since September“, summarizes the article

Read the article in English here: https://reut.rs/2sxYtWL

The resignation of Rafael Solís Cerda, the judge of the Supreme Court of Nicaragua who accuses Daniel Ortega of creating a ‘State of terror’, article from BBC

In a letter without hope that the country regains sanity and in which accuses the president of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega of implanting a ‘dictatorship’, the magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice, Rafael Solis Cerda, resigned his position through a tough missive”, summarizes the article

Read the article in Spanish here: https://www.bbc.com/mundo/noticias-america-latina-46838242